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do people watch halt and catch fire just because lee pace is fucking hot or is it actually a good show?

it is a great show !
(but Lee makes it even better *U*)

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"I love what Bryan is doing with Hannibal. It’s like an indie movie, you know? Absolutely cinematic, on a network show, which is kind of awesome." [x]

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If I don’t get any Will Graham for the first three episodes of season 3, I better see Hannibal pining for him as much as I will be.

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Make me choose: Will’s smile or Hannibal’s scowl, submitted by anonymous

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Fannibals rule the world.

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"This is just great."

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When he said “We can make Preller happen” at the Pannibal… he wasn’t actually being serious, was he?

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Hugh Dancy in Hannibal S2 Bloopers x

Baby’s bloopers from S2 - no tripping?????? Really D??????

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I was going to make some serious Hannibal fanart…

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MY computer is BACK!!! 

1) Request 

2,3) Brownham

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im betting on yes, yes you will..

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Mads at the airport, 26th of July, 2014 [x]

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((This fandom is the best thing that has ever happened to me))

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OMGOMGOMG…so this just happened! Saw the Hannibal cast walking out of Nobu and took a pic. Aaron saw me and stopped and we were gonna take a pic when he asked if I wanted Raul in it! I was like “of course” then he stops again and is like “do you want Caroline in it?” And at this point my head is exploding and I’m just like “yes please! Everyone!” So they all come over and I’m small so I laugh and say” someone needs to take the picture I think”..then BRYAN FULLER is just like “I’ll take it!” They are seriously the NICEST people ever! I love them all! I can’t even believe it.

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